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Interface Modules

Interface Modules are the part of the test fixture where electrical interconnect components are located.  Normally this includes a bed of nails type array of spring pins, a floating plate to carry the DUT, an interface PCB and a lid.  Interfaces can be made for boards with contacts on one or both sides but fixtures for boards with all contacts on one side are much simpler.

Features of Interface Modules

  • Bed of Nails Contact to Boards
  • Generally 1mm min pitch
  • Sockets and contactors can be integrated to support tighter pitch arrays
  • Max size constrained by test press selection
  • Double ended spring pin designs interface direct to a PCB without soldering.
  • Pin Receptacle designs use holders that solder to the PCB 
  • Solder Tail designs simply provide a wire to interface to the test system
  • Connector panels can be integrated to simplify connection to the test system 

Advantages of Interface Modules

  • Support multiple PCB test setups with one test press 
  • Support multiple test stations and reconfigure for new product as required
  • Maintain uptime with spare modules
  • Lower cost than integrating press functionality into the module