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Final Test

Every Integrated Circuit (IC) goes through two type of tests before it can be sold and used to build a product.  The first test is called Wafer Test and the second test is called Final Test.  

Wafer Test takes place after wafers are being developed.  The purpose of Wafer Test is to ensure the wafers are being etched properly prior to dicing and cutting them into individual pieces for packaging.  Traditional Wafer Test requires a test program, a custom test PCB with a probe card installed, and a test probe equipment.  However, as technology improves, we are seeing more and more test engineers testing wafer sort applications with socket probes.  RTI has tried and successfully delivered sockets for these types of testing.  Devices passing the Wafer Test will proceed to be packaged.       

Final Test takes place after wafers are being bounded into packages.  The purpose of Final Test is to ensure that no devices have been damaged during the bounding and packaging procedures, prior to releasing the device as a commercial good for sell.  A typical Final Test requires a test program, a custom test PCB, an automated handler equipment and a test equipment.  Devices passing the Final Test will proceed to be sealed and packed as commercial goods ready for sell.

RTI offer a wide ranges of products and services covering most of Semiconductor testing needs, including (but not limited to) the following:
  • Engineering Characterization
  • High Current Testing
  • High Speed or RF Testing
  • High Power Testing
  • Optical Testing
  • Production Testing
  • Tri-Temp Testing
RTI has extensive experiences in developing high-quality and reliable testing sockets and testing fixtures in various applications.  We are available to help with your testing needs at