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MegaTrace (up to 2160+ pins)

MegaTrace: This cart shaped model is designed for high pin count devices and can support 1080, 2160 or even more pins. We can also implement many custom system configurations in this chassis because of the space we have to install hardware options like high current or 8 bus features. The large area for the fixture allows for a range of fixture interfaces to suit your needs.

MegaTrace Features

  • Cart form factor with casters for easy movement around lab
  • Similar size to lab bench
  • Supports High Pin Count up to 2160 and more
  • 648, 864, 1080 and 1296 pin counts are common (others sizes available)
  • Supports 2, 4, and 6 bus standard configurations
  • Many Fixtures available including
    • Octopogo 1152 pin
    • Elastomer 2160 pin
    • PGA -625 Adapter boards for Octopogo and Elastomer
    • Yamaichi cable adapter boards
    • Other Custom Interfaces to meet your particular needs
  • Fixtures include access to all drives and measurement nodes by way of Banana Jacks
  • Custom Options like High Current available
  • Custom 8 bus configurations available
  • Easy access panels are removable for service
  • Most Configurations are Upgradable
  • Remote cable available for interface with Microscope for Fault Localization methods