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MultiTrace Century (96/100 pins)

MultiTrace Century: This desktop model is named for the pin count. At 100 pins, this convenient pin count fits in one desktop chassis with simple 100 pin cable interface. The Century is optimized for users with low pin count devices but does not compromise on power. The century can perform all the same applications as the larger versions; it just does it more economically in a smaller footprint.

The basic system supports 108 pins maximum but depending on the fixture, the effective pin count may be limited to 96 or 100 pins.

MultiTrace Century Features

  • Benchtop Form Factor fits on half of a typical lab bench
  • Supports Low Pin Count Devices up to 108 pins
  • Supports 2, 4, and 6 bus standard configurations
  • 2 bus, 1080 pin and 2196 pin versions available in Desktop MultiTrace
  • Cabled Fixtures available including:
    • 64 or 60 (54 active) pin Ribbon Cable
    • 96 or 100 pin Yamaichi Cable
  • Compatible with RTI FA Fixtures
  • Drive/Bus box includes access to all drives and measurement nodes by way of Banana Jacks
  • Some Configurations may be Upgradable to 108 pins maximum
  • Trade in path available for MultiTrace or MegaTrace
  • Cable based fixtures are generally compatible with Microscopes for Fault Localization methods