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Test Fixtures

Over the last 25 years, Robson Technologies Inc. (RTI) has developed several basic test fixture platforms that provide our clients with economic and versatile solutions. The time needed to bring online test capabilities to full production status has been one of the key requirements in developing our family of test fixtures. Reuse of the fixture development is another key market driver.
All of RTI’s standard test fixture platforms are reusable, with custom interface modules that can be easily exchanged within the same basic workpress. This capability allows rapid product changeover on the manufacturing test floor and in lab environments.

Contact RTI for Test Fixtures for Your Application

RTI has the experience and expertise to provide you with standard or custom test fixtures that meet your application and performance needs. Request a quote on the test fixture(s) you need, or contact us to discuss your custom requirements. 

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PCB Level Test Fixtures

750 Series

  • Standard small footprint test fixture with 4” x 5” workspace
  • Max. 50 probes
  • Interchangeable interface module
  • Manual operation 

752 Series

  • Standard large footprint test fixture with expandable 10” x 12” workspace
  • Interchangeable interface module
  • Manual or pneumatic operation
  • Supports high UPH tray based solutions
  • Optional built-in RF enclosure
  • Temperature and pressure options
  • Open or shielded versions available 

754 Series

  • Standard small footprint test fixture with expandable 4”x5” workspace
  • Variable/expandable number of probes
  • Pressure and temperature options
  • Pneumatic operation
  • Full custom dedicated test fixtures
  • “Bed of Nails” style benchtop test fixtures

Device Level Test Fixtures 

 950 Series
  • Standard Pogo block based test fixture for small DUT boards
  • Intended for device level testing
  • Supports 96 or 100 pins
  • Uses Yamaichi cable interface
  • Various optimized versions available

950-128 Series

  • Using the same pogo block as 950 series test fixtures
  • Supports 128 pins
  • Uses two 64-pin ribbon cables for interface

384 Series

  • Quad version of the 950 Series test fixture
  • Supports 384 pins
  • Uses four Yamaichi connectors cables for interface

Handlers & Change Kits for Test Fixtures

These components fit in production handlers and are used to move parts from trays to test sockets. Change kits may include:
  • Machined alignment structures
  • Socket components
  • Pneumatic components
  • PCB components
  • Cables or interconnects for the test system

Custom Test Fixtures

If you have a unique need, we can develop and manufacture the perfect custom test fixture for your application. Contact Robson Technologies to discuss your custom requirements.