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Test Presses

  • RTI Gasket Press Test Fixture
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    Bed of Nails 752 series PCB manual test press

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    752 series manual test press universal fixture base. Lid and interface modules are designed to project specification and work with this fixture

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    750 series small footprint manual test press with custom multi-site interface module. Test multiple multi-chip modules in a single pass and route signals to your connector of choice.

RTI can provide all your solutions for both Manufacturing and Engineering Characterization for these types of applications.

We offer a wide range of both standard and full custom solutions for testing these type products. These solutions can be configured as single site or multiple site test fixtures. For improved ease of handling and where high unit per hour are required we can provide tray based handling to facilitate rapid fixture loading/unloading. 

These fixtures can be manually or pneumatically controlled. Fixtures can provide for the electrical contacts to the Module/Assemblies under test and can also allow room under the fixture to house the driver electronics. External electrical or control interface signals can have access thru the front or rear of the fixtures. RTI can provide standard interface docking to match many popular manufacturing test floor requirements.

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RTI can also provide for optical interfaces if sensors are required to read LED’s or provide controlled light sources for camera calibration as part of the testing requirements. Electromechanical or pneumatic switch activation can also be provided. Solutions can provide for RF containment where hi frequency isolation is required. RTI can also provide controlled temperature environments within the confines of the fixture.

Ergonomics is a key design goal for all RTI Test Solutions. Ease of use and operator safety are critical. Fixtures are reviewed to ensure all hi-voltage areas are out of reach/touch by operators. Visual access is assured with most lids and isolation areas viewed thru clear acrylic. 
  • Manual Fixtures: Fixtures where the UUT is hand loaded and the test press is closed by hand.  
  • Pneumatic Fixtures: Fixtures where the UUT is hand loaded and the test press is closed by pneumatic pressure. 
  • Interface Modules: Interchangeable Bed of nails modules that can be swapped in and out of the test presses as required
  • Custom Benchtop Presses: Large format Bed of Nails Test Fixtures for testing larger assemblies and higher power products. 
  • Shielded Test Presses: Most of our test presses or interface modules can have EMI shielding designed inn to either keep EMI noise out or DUT noise in.