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Custom Test Sockets

Robson Technologies’ custom test sockets are a completely unique socket solution, offering maximum flexibility in design and performance for complex units under test, including multi-chip modules and small PCBs. Our custom test sockets are ideal for applications where socket design and test requirements are not met by standard solutions. 

Custom Test Socket Options

  • Custom footprints & mounting options to interface with existing devices
  • Double sided test
  • Very low profile lids
  • Numerous contact styles available: lead-free, low inductance, high force, high current, Kelvin testing, etc.
  • Open test socket bases for back-side emission
  • Low-inductance contacts for RF characterization & test
  • High force contacts for lead-free packages
  • Relief cuts in socket base for SMT components
  • Contact any/all sides of your DUT
  • Interfaces to auto-handlers
  • Multi-site architecture
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NEW! Cartridge Based Test Sockets

Multi-site cartridge based custom test sockets reduce the need to handle devices between test processes

High Temperature

Test sockets for high temperature testing in excess of 155°C (311°F) with a variety of cost-effective materials available including ceramics

PCB Module & IOT

Test sockets for PCB sub-assemblies and IOT focused devices

Custom Machined

Custom engineered and machined test sockets

Flex PCB

RTI’s test sockets for flex PCB connector types are designed to contact either top or bottom of connector at custom pitches and with custom load methods

Custom Contact & Access

Test sockets that contact DUT test points from any direction and include PCB routing, connectors, and/or custom wiring

RTI Thermal Sockets

Thermal test sockets offer temperature control during test, or act as passive heat sinks for high power devices.

PGA Sockets (Pogo Pins)

Pin grid array-based DUT with loadout patterns at the same or fanned out pitch solutions. Heaters and cooling can be included.
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