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752 Manual Test Press

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This is a large format test press with a minimum 10x12 inch working area. This test fixture can be manually operated or delivered with a pneumatic actuator within the same fixture footprint. This fixture is targeted for applications requiring a high number of test points or precision located test points that may be required on both the top and bottom of the UUT. Supports pitches to 0.5mm.

  Watch the video below to see the manual action of the 752 test press.
Typical designs will use a PCB mounted under the probes to bring the signals out to client supplied test electronics. These PCB’s can also be used to integrate test electronics when applicable. Probes can also be individually wired out to front mounted connectors or to a Virginia Panel Interface if requested. This fixture can also be designed with or without a floating base holding the UUT. A floating base allows the UUT to be placed in the fixture without contact to the pogo pins until the lid is closed thus pressing down on the UUT and then contacting the pogo pins. The dimensions of your testing area are not restricted to the physical dimensions of the mechanical press area and can extend in the X/Y direction to include additional test sites.

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