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MEMS or Micro Electro Mechanical devices are mainly sensors.  They sense pressure, position, movement and other things.  The packages these devices come in are not usually very complex and making contact is usually no problem.  In some cases care must be taken when holding the device in the socket to avoid mechanically sensitive areas and leave ports unobstructed.

Testing MEMS devices requires simulation of the thing they are intended to sense.  RTI has experience designing fixtures to replicate pressure, motion, acceleration and gas detection with and without thermal controls.

RTI MEMS Fixtures can have a wide range of special features:

  • Pressure sealed fixtures
  • Temperature controlled fixtures
  • Production, Burn-In and Engineering type fixtures
  • Motion tables
  • Manual and Pneumatic Fixture closure
  • Multi-Site Fixtures 

Example: Gas pressure test system with cold plate for thermal control

Example: Gas detection burn in board.  After Burn in the whole board was loaded into an RTI 752 test press and tested with a test gas.

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