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WLCSP Test Sockets

WLCSP and CSP devices are similar to BGA devices but much smaller.  They lack the plastic encapsulate and substrate interconnect layers of traditional BGA device and the balls are built directly onto the device.  They have the appearance of a bare die with BGA bumps on the bottom.  Normally the ball pitch is 0.5mm or smaller and the pin count is low to moderate.
  • For F/A Applications RTI makes Window Lids that offer 100% visibility of the device for optical fault localization techniques.
  • RTI offers 3 window grades for this type of lid
    • Quartz:  Lowest cost window but is easy to scratch or break.  Replacements Windows are available.  Amorphous fused quartz structure is optically clear far into IR and produces little distortion.  Sample size limited to 12mm diameter window opening.
    • Sapphire IR Grade:  Extremely durable, Supports larger window openings than Quartz, Low maintenance, virtually unbreakable window will last longer than quartz.  Lower cost than C-Axis Grade.  IR grade is cut randomly with respect to the crystal axis and may produce varying degrees of distortion.  
    • Sapphire C-Axis Grade:  As durable as IR grade but cur along the C-Axis of the sapphire crystal which allows a straighter path for the photons and produces less distortion.
    • Custom IR window:  Many other window materials are available for experimental purposes.  A range of IR transparent windows, SI, GaAs and Diamond are available for special purposes.
  • Other lid types can also be used for non open top applications
  • RTI uses floating plate sockets for this type of device to ensure proper alignment of the balls over the spring pins.
    • Optional White Floating plate material reduces material vaporization due to laser overscan.  Request this if you use a high power laser technique.
  • Universal and Dedicated Sockets available:  
    • Dedicated sockets fit only one size device, their advantage is in being able to fit a wider range of custom footprint devices and they use only as many pins as you need not wasting resources.  
    • Universal sockets can be used with more than one device with similar footprint.  They require a unique alignment plate for each different size device and also a different lid for each different thickness device.  

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