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Bed of Nails Interface Modules

Bed of Nails Interface Modules are the part of the test fixture where electrical interconnect components are located.  Normally this includes an array of spring pins, a floating plate to carry the DUT, an interface PCB, and a lid.  

RTI's bed of nails test presses employ a slight twist on the conventional bed of nails array interface.  The interface modules found in RTI's standard and custom test presses use spring pins positioned specifically at test points of the PCB under test.  A variety of pins and tip styles are available to meet your electrical requirements.  Contact can also be made to the topside of the board under test through pins included in the fixture lid.  These pins make contact to a breakout board in the fixture which routes signals to your connector(s) of choice or interface with additional hardware components built into the fixture itself. 

Features of Interface Modules

  • Bed of Nails Contact to Boards
  • Generally 1mm min pitch
  • Sockets and contactors can be integrated to support tighter pitch arrays
  • Max size constrained by test press selection
  • Double ended spring pin designs interface direct to a PCB without soldering.
  • Pin Receptacle designs use holders that solder to the PCB 
  • Solder Tail designs simply provide a wire to interface to the test system
  • Connector panels can be integrated to simplify connection to the test system 

Advantages of Interface Modules

  • Support multiple PCB test setups with one test press 
  • Support multiple test stations and reconfigure for new product as required
  • Maintain uptime with spare modules
  • Lower cost than integrating press functionality into the module

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