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​Manually Operated Test Presses

RTI offers a broad range of standard footprint manually operated test presses and many years of experience in the design and manufacture of full custom manually operated test fixtures These presses support a wide variety of requirements specifically tailored for those applications that call for manual control of the test contact activation. These applications can also include a manual operation of switches located anywhere on the unit under test with the remote switch actuator located externally from the surface area of the UUT.

Watch the video below to see the manual action of the 752 test press.
Manual presses provide full capabilities for test point contacting both topside and backside of the modules. These test points can be pads designed specifically for test access as well as connectors and some SMT’s including Coax. The signal paths from the test point contacts can be implemented via dedicated PCB or hand wired probes can be provided. There can be space under the fixture for electronics to support the test requirements with additional electrical access thru the Front or backside of the fixture.
Environmental control can also be provided with access/direct contact to bottom side mounted components or the complete operating area of the fixture can be enclosed for testing within a temperature chamber. RTI has both fluid and TEC temperature control products.

Note that RTI can also provide RF shielding either local to a specific area of the unit under test, or enclosing the complete fixture.

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