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Test Fixtures for Burn-in / HAST Applications

Highly Accelerated Stress Test, also known as HAST, is commonly practiced in many industries, including (but not limited to) Semiconductor, Medical and Automotive.  It is also in the leading edge of replacing the traditional THB (Temperature/Humidity/Bias) test (or often known as the “Burn-In Test”).  

While a typical traditional THB test takes 1000 hours to complete, with 85°C and 85% relative humidity with biased load; HAST testing results are available between 96 to 100 hours with higher temperature, usually at the range of 105°C, 85% humidity and high atmospheric pressure condition.  A common standard used for HAST is JEDEC JESD22-A110.

RTI have been providing quality HAST solutions, including (but not limited to) sockets, PCB and peripherals, for the Silicon Valley customers and their international branches for the past decades.  We are extremely experienced in tailoring solutions to accommodate the nature of DUT (Device Under Testing).

Contact RTI for Custom Tests Fixtures and Sockets for your Burn-in / HAST Application 

RTI has extensive experiences in developing high-quality and reliable testing sockets and testing fixtures in various applications.  Request a quote on custom test fixtures for your application.

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