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Device & Fixture Programming Applications

For programming a circuit, it is either inserted into a test socket (often ZIF) on top of the programmer, or the programmer is directly connected by an adapter to the circuit board (In-System Programming). Afterward, the data is transferred to the circuit by applying signals to the connecting pins. Some circuits have a serial interface for receiving the programming data (JTAG interface). Other circuits require the data on parallel pins, followed by a programming pulse with a higher voltage for programming the data into the circuit.

There are four general types of device programmers: 

  • Gang programmers for mass production
  • Development programmers for development and small-series production, 
  • Pocket programmers for development and field service
  • Specialized programmers for certain circuit types only, (e.g. EPROM programmers.) 

Typical Programming Markets

  • Automotive Electronics
  • Programming Centers
  • Special Medical Devices
  • Industrial Controlling Systems/Devices
  • Wireless Electronics

What types of Devices are programmed? 

  • DRAM
  • SRAM

Programming Device Considerations:

  • Quality of Programming
  • Device algorithms
  • Hardware performance and longevity 
  • Silicon Performance
  • Total Cost of Programming
  • Per unit on an individual program
  • Flexibility for other products/programs within a factory
  • Support and Service
  • Ease of Integration into Manufacturing Flow
  • Ability to Scale as production grows
  • Rapidly add /redeploy capacity

Considerations for when Programming:

  • Automated Programming
  • Manual Programming
  • ISP Programming

Programming Device Hardware from RTI can support such things as:

  • Program / Verify up to 80 MBytes/sec (Equipment Dependent) 
  • Supports cache memory up to 64 GBytes ( Equipment Dependent)
  • Download image files at 25 MBytes/sec to all programmers simultaneously reducing job set-up by 4x
  • 3x programming capacity with up to 8 sockets/ programmer and up to 14 programmers integrated

Some Typical RTI Socket Models and Applications: (Choosing your socket models)


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