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Failure Analysis

Robson Technologies, Inc. (RTI) offers numerous solutions for failure analysis testing. Failure analysis interconnect solutions have always been the core of our product line. Our MultiTrace and MegaTrace curve tracing systems are considered the gold standard for failure analysis and nondestructive electrical analysis, and are used by most major semiconductor manufacturers.

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Device Sockets with FA features

  • Open Top/Open Bottom
  • Window Lids
  • Device heaters
  • “Dead bug” sockets hold inverted devices for backside analysis
  • Low profile lids for SIL Lens clearance
  • Universal BGA and CSP sockets save money

DUT Boards with FA features

  • Cutouts for open bottom
  • Connector interfaces for RTI cable and switch box interface
  • Pogo interface like RTI mini cards
  • Low profile for microscope clearance
  • Breakout boards for bench testing

Test Fixtures for mounting DUT boards

  • Microscope mount upward and downward looking
  • Probe station mount
  • Spring pin fixture bases
  • High pin count fixtures

Cables & Extenders for fault localization microscopes

  • RTI 96 and 100 pin “YAM Cable” system
  • PGA extension cable for MultiTrace
  • Octopogo Extension Cable for MegaTrace
  • RTI R1 and R4 DUT boards for direct use in microscope

FA-Friendly Docking Systems for ATE

  • Credence D10
  • Hi Level Functional Tester
  • Verifier MK series compatible fixtures

Automatic Curve Tracing Systems for characterization & fault localization


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