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Medium and Full Production

Every mass production in Semiconductor industry goes through three levels of testing: Wafer-Level Testing (semiconductors are made from silicon wafers), Package-Level Testing (semiconductors need to be packaged and tested prior being used) and Module-Level Testing (semiconductors can almost never work as a product by itself).

Rule of thumb across the Semiconductor industry is to reduce testing time, because time means money!  For example, for a one million devices lot testing, if the engineer is able to reduce its test time for one second per device, s/he will be saving one million seconds for testing this lot.  That’s about 278 hours saving on test equipment rental, utilities, and resources!

However, Module testing, unlike wafer and package testing, comes in different shape, sizes and all kind of varieties.  It often requires much more time and resources to setup and test.  There are many automated handlers and testing equipment in the market for wafer and package testing, but none of them will work for module testing.   Very often custom test fixtures need to be design and built to support module testing production turn-arounds.  

RTI designs and manufactures custom test fixtures for everything from a 1mm square die to large complex PCBs and everything in between. We have designed fixtures to test medical hybrids, hybrids used for space satellites, multi-chip silicon-on-silicon modules, optical devices, cell phones, RF sub-assemblies, finger print detectors, guitar amplifiers, and many other applications. The test fixtures have been used for both engineering evaluation and production test.

Our design tools include both 3D mechanical modeling as well as schematic generation and PCB layout. Combined with our own in-house machine shop allows us to design and produce unique, high quality, and reliable custom test fixtures.

We have developed several 'semi-custom' test fixtures that can be adapted to different applications. See examples of our 750 Series Fixture, RF Module and Small PCB Fixture, and our Large PCB fixture requiring contact on both top and bottom of the board.

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