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    Custom RF test fixture enclosure for implantable devices - temperature controlled and Alodine shielding for anti corrosion.

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    Universal Alodine coated test enclosure with RF shielded fans and extra compartment to include additional components

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    Extended 752 series test press with Alodine coating to prevent corrosion. Includes RF shielded gaskets and chamber for additional test hardware
RF devices cover a broad category of devices dealing with radios and may include: RF Transistors, Bluetooth chips and modules, WiFi chips and modules, and other types of radio technologies, chips and modules.

RF Transistors  

These simple looking devices require careful characterization by their users.  A common test involves connecting the device to a signal generator and a frequency analyzer.  For ease of connection and the ability to change out the device, a test fixture should take the form of a device socket atop a high-performance PCB with coaxial connectors at the edge of the board.  RTI has experience making these types of test fixtures, usually crafted in a test press.

Test Socket Solutions

RTI’s standard test sockets are usually appropriate for most test needs of various chip packages used by WiFi, Bluetooth and other high-speed RF technologies. Let us know the required bandwidth and if high power is required, and we can select the proper materials and pins for your design.  

RF devices often come in the form of a module where the main RF chip is integrated onto a small PCB along with passive components, oscillators, antenna connectors, and a microcontroller all covered with a metal shield.

RTI has made sockets for many of these modules and can accommodate:
  • Clearance for the antenna connector
  • Castellated contacts
  • High-Frequency Pins
  • Test points at two levels on the same side
  • Non-metal or minimal metal socket body and lid designs
  • And more!
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