RTI is a leading supplier of automated curve tracers and curve trace software to the semiconductor industry. We serve a range of customers from chipmakers and major OEMs to packaging companies and private labs. Our solutions are optimized for curve trace test systems which can be used in manual or automatic curve tracing.

Automated Curve Tracers & Software

RTI’s curve trace models have similar capabilities and run the same software. The difference between the models lies in the pin count and the types of test fixtures used to connect to your DUT boards. Our basic model, MT Century, is the most popular curve tracer and supports devices up to 100 pins. Watch the video below to learn more about our automated curve tracers.

MT Century

Compact benchtop model supports 96/100 pin devices and packages with some exceptions going up to 108 pins.


Mid-sized benchtop model supporting pin counts from 216-1152 pins and includes the PGA-625 fixture as a standard interface.


Designed for high pin count devices, MegaTrace supports pin counts up to 2160 pins, with 1080 pins being popular.

Manual Switch Boxes

Low-cost 96 channel manual switch box is useful in a variety of electrical bench test applications including powered and unpowered curve tracing.

Automated Curve Tracing

The MT Century, MultiTrace, and MegaTrace curve tracers provide a wide range of automation options and solutions. From opens and shorts testing to powered curve trace and latch-up testing on complex multi-power supply devices.

Automated curve tracing is used in failure analysis, reliability engineering, product development engineering, and other quality engineering labs as a non-destructive test method to objectively assess electrical damage on circuits or pins of semiconductor IC devices.

At RTI, we customize test fixtures and DUT boards to connect various packages to our curve trace test systems which can expand your range of test types for your devices and packages. We also provide technical support on all of our curve trace fixtures, interfaces, and models.

Manual Curve Tracing

RTI supports manual curve tracing methods with manual switch boxes, interfaces, and DUT boards.

Manual Switch Boxes are a 96-pin toggle box that simplifies a variety of bias conditions and are compatible with test fixtures, spring pin interfaces, and DUT boards.

RTI’s interfaces and DUT boards can be universal or dedicated and are interchangeable for flexibility in test. Dedicated boards are engineered for a device-specific test socket while universal test sockets and DUT boards accept multiple array-based devices with the same pitch. DUT boards connect to one or more 96 channel manual switch box(es) via ribbon cables on the MultiTrace. RTI supports multiple DUT board families and pin count ranges

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    MT Century

    Compact automated curve tracer that supports devices up to 96/100/108 pins.


    Mid-sized curve tracer with flexible pin range from 216-1152 pins, with 625 pins being the most popular configuration.


    Largest curve tracer built for devices and packages with large pin counts, up to 2160 pins.

    MultiTrace Suite

    Feature-rich software with powerful analytical, ease of use, and efficiency tools that work together to operate our curve tracers and analyze the results.

    DataTrace Pro

    Ultimate curve trace software that compiles data, generate professional reports and charts, and batch compares your data against other files.

    Support & Upgrades

    We stand behind every test solution throughout every stage of its life. Contact us if you have questions or concerns about your test solution.


    Robson Technologies, Inc. interconnects, fixtures and systems are carefully designed, manufactured, inspected, and individually tested prior to shipment. In the unlikely case you find a defect in materials or workmanship, we will promptly repair or replace the component.


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