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Device-Level Programming Test Fixtures for Digital RF Processors

RTI manufactures programming test fixtures to program and verify packaged devices such as digital RF processors. These fixture provides convenient insertion and removal of devices by [...]

High Pin Count Sockets for BGA/LGA Multi-Chip Modules, Chiplet & Multimedia Processors

RTI designs custom high pin count test sockets for failure analysis and power testing of AI, telecommunications, datacom devices, multimedia processors, and other CPU intensive end-us [...]

Part 2: Can I test devices that exceed the pin count of my curve tracer?

Pin Reduction DUT boards In part 1 of this post series, we learned that high pin count devices can be tested in sections but that only unpowered curve tracing is practical. In this se [...]

Can I test devices that exceed the pin count of my curve tracer?

While it is preferable to test with a switch matrix that has more pins than the device, sometimes you have to test a very high pin count device on a smaller tester. Devices with 800 t [...]

Floating and Non-Floating Test Socket Bases – An Introduction

The pogo pin has grown to be one of the most popular interconnect methods in electrical test for its versatility, serviceability, and relatively low cost of adoption in small volume. T [...]


Robson Technologies, Inc. interconnects, fixtures and systems are carefully designed, manufactured, inspected, and individually tested prior to shipment. In the unlikely case you find a defect in materials or workmanship, we will promptly repair or replace the component.


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