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Custom Burn-in Test Socket for TROSA/ROSA Modules

RTI designed this custom test socket for a 48-pin high-frequency TROSA/ROSA module device. The module DUT sits in the socket with an opening on the side of the socket base for fiber optic cable access to the module during test. A nickel-plated copper heat block contacts the bottom of the module for thermal control.

The test socket and custom lid contact test points on both the bottom-side and topside of the module. The bottom side of the DUT has 23 contacts contacted by spring pins installed in the socket’s base. The topside of the DUT has an additional 23 contacts contacted by spring pins mounted in the dual-latch lid. Spring pins in the lid connect to an interposer PCB so that topside signals can be routed back through the socket base and to the DUT board.  The interposer board in the lid also includes two coaxial connectors used for high-frequency measurement. 
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Design Features:

  • Bottom-side and top-side contact to module DUT
  • Open access inside of socket base for fiber connection to the DUT
  • Interposer PCB in lid includes coax connectors
  • Nickel plated copper passive heat block for thermal management during test

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