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Cartridge Based Test Sockets

Reduce errors in device handling by loading devices into a single cartridge test socket that can take you from pre-test (device loading) to post-test (ready to market) with this RTI custom test socket solution.  This unique design allows you to load devices into a high performance and more manageable three piece transient cartridge test socket that can be applied to any and all stages of test.  RTI's cartridge test sockets can reduce your overall cost of test from prototype through production and at any stage in between.  This custom solution is available for all IC packaged devices.  Test devices in prototyping/engineering, qualification, burn-in, HAST, ATE production, final test, programming, failure analysis, and more without having to transfer or even touch each DUT between test stages.  Ease of access to each device along your test path allows for replace bad parts with known good ones throughout your test process.   

In this example, cartridges (bottom right) can contain 10 leadless devices that are tested individually using custom test sockets (upper left) for electrical test. 
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