RTI’s curve tracer software, MultiTrace Suite, enables the abilities of all curve trace models.

MultiTrace Suite & Software Features

The software is feature-rich with powerful analytical, ease of use, and efficiency tools. These tools work together to operate the hardware and enable an analysis of the curve trace results. Other utilities are included with the software suite to enable calibration, maintenance, testing, and debugging the curve trace systems.

RTI continuously develops new features for the MultiTrace Suite and provides upgrades for current software users. We also provide support using remote control software to diagnose the application or hardware. MultiTrace Suite runs on all versions of Windows 32bit. For offline users, the software runs on 64bit operating systems.

StdTrace & Switch

These two programs provide full access to all features of the hardware and allow for easy custom test setups. StdTrace makes settings to the SMUs and displays the data results on a graph screen. Switch configures the switch matrix and status display program. Users can make direct connections through the switch matrix, and see the active switches graphically while the test is running.


This application simplifies the configuration of StdTrace and Switch by providing fill-in-the-blank templates. With these templates or forms, users can configure test settings with a click of a button. Form settings can be saved, recalled, and put in sequences with autosave and auto-compare features.


A tool that enables users to make pin maps and pin name files used to configure the switch matrix. Pinmaps define which pins are active and what pin numbers they are assigned to. Pin name files allow the user to configure and select names for the pins. MTFixture simplifies the process, especially for universal fixtures.

DataTrace Pro (Basic Package)

This program is a data analysis tool that features advanced printing and property display, file comparison, and graph annotation. Users can load saved curve trace files for analysis, report writing, and many other features not previously available in StdTrace and MTForms.

See DataTrace Pro for more advanced features and additional software such as data extraction, complex test sequencing, and high-volume test tools.


MT Century

Compact automated curve tracer that supports devices up to 96/100/108 pins.


Mid-sized curve tracer with flexible pin range from 216-1152 pins, with 625 pins being the most popular configuration.


Largest curve tracer built for devices and packages with large pin counts, up to 2160 pins.

MultiTrace Suite

Feature-rich software with powerful analytical, ease of use, and efficiency tools that work together to operate our curve tracers and analyze the results.

DataTrace Pro

Ultimate curve trace software that compiles data, generate professional reports and charts, and batch compares your data against other files.

Support & Upgrades

We stand behind every test solution throughout every stage of its life. Contact us if you have questions or concerns about your test solution.


Robson Technologies, Inc. interconnects, fixtures and systems are carefully designed, manufactured, inspected, and individually tested prior to shipment. In the unlikely case you find a defect in materials or workmanship, we will promptly repair or replace the component.


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