RTI provides support for our fixtures, curve tracers, and software suites through various channels, manuals, and materials. RTI can also help with calibration, bug fixes, and update support for all software packages.

RTI software presently does not require any maintenance contract to remain active. However owners of the MultiTrace and MegaTrace the option to subscribe to a software package annually which allows access to all new versions including development versions. Software updates include not only bug fixes but useful new features as requested by our experienced users in the field.

Hardware Refurbish packages are available and include reconditioning of the curve tracer power supplies (recommended at 10 years), a new computer controller with current Win 10 OS, and software subscription and any needed repairs. Our current software releases run on Win 7 and Win 10 32-bit OS versions.

RTI software is electronically downloadable or may be shipped on a CDROM or DVD at your request. Most updates include new versions of the DataTrace, MTForms, and StdTrace programs among others. RTI listens carefully to your feedback software usage and how well the features work in the lab. This input is used to determine new features and the priority of development.

Benefits of RTI’s curve tracer and software support:

  • Rapid start for new users
  • Fast answers to your technical questions so you can get back to work
  • Detailed answers, so you know
  • Quick resolution of hardware failures or software bugs
  • In-depth review of your results when needed to help you interpret the meaning
  • Help in configuring more complex test setups

Online Training

Get the most out of your test system with personalized online software training sessions. RTI offers training at both the group and individual level. Whether you are brand new to curve tracing or an experienced user revisiting the latest software package, RTI’s one-on-one training covers everything you need to know.

Online training may be scheduled ahead of time or maybe invoked on the spot to solve your usage or application questions quickly. Schedule a training session at a time that works for you. Contact us to learn more.

Latest Software Version

RTI Software does not update itself automatically and requires manual installation. RTI provides a direct link to download and install (or update to) the latest version of your software package based on your system’s configuration. Contact us to ensure you are running the latest version of DataTrace, MTForms, or STDtrace software.

Software Error/Bug Reporting

To report a bug in the DataTrace, MTForms, or StdTrace software packages, please contact RTI or call (408) 779-8008 M-F 10 am-6 pm PST.

OS & Compatibility

RTI’s software suites run on all recent versions of Windows. Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android operating systems are not supported. A PC controller including the latest version of Windows and RTI’s curve tracing software suite is provided with each new system purchase. RTI offers limited support for PC controllers.

Ongoing Support

We pride ourselves in providing the best customer service and support even years after you purchase a test solution or curve tracer from us. Even when training is over and you have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us. Your feedback on feature development, test needs, and suggestions are always welcome. We’re here to provide the support you need when you need it.

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