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Curve Trace Test Systems

Robson Technologies Inc. (RTI) is the leading supplier of curve tracing solutions for the semiconductor industry. We serve a “who’s who” of OCM chip makers, major OEMs, OSAT packaging companies and widely known private test labs. Our curve tracing solutions range from DUT boards and test fixtures optimized for curve tracing in an FA or engineering context, manual switch boxes and cables, and fully automatic curve tracing.

What is Curve Tracing?

"Curve tracing" is a widely accepted method of finding electrically damaged pins on IC chips. Curve tracing is used by failure analysis engineers to localize electrical damage on failed IC devices and by component test labs to detect electrically questionable devices that may indicate they are counterfeit. Curve tracing is also used to detect ESD damage and can be used to measure most of the DC parameters in a datasheet.
Curve tracing methods span a range of complexity from simple point-to-point tests using classic testers like the Tektronics 576 to fully automated analysis on high pin count devices using RTI’s own MultiTrace and MegaTrace test systems.  RTI supports all facets of curve tracing for all kinds of engineers with our switch boxes, DUT boards and automated systems.

RTI MultiTrace with R1 series dedicated fixture mounted over 625ZIF interface• Fixtures & Interfaces

A curve tracing fixture is the layer of hardware between the test fixture and the DUT board, and generally features a set of connectors or pogo blocks that allow for convenient connection of the DUT boards and may have features for device heating, backside analysis, or microscope mounting.

RTI’s 625 PGA adaptor board for the MultiTrace curve tracer system• DUT Boards

A DUT board is a PC board the test socket is mounted on and is the link between the curve trace system and the device under test. RTI makes full range of DC test fixtures supporting a multitude of standard interfaces including mini cards, PGA and DIP footprints, breakout boxes, and more.

RTI’s 96 channel switch box• Manual Switch Boxes

96 pin toggle switch boxes simplify a variety of bias conditions. Switch boxes are compatible with dedicated fixtures, spring pin interfaces like RTI’s 950 fixture, as well as DUT boards made by select third party suppliers.

Remote docking system for RTI’s automated curve tracing test systems• Cables & Remote Fixtures

Cables allow the extension of fixtures and DUT boards into fault localization equipment like probe stations, photon emission microscopes, EMMI, infrared microscopes, and scanning lasers.  RTI has solutions for PGA, Octopogo, DIP dedicated and other types of DUT boards like ESD load boards repurposed for other types of analysis.

RTI’s MultiTrace automated curve tracer with fixture and drive bus box• MultiTrace & MegaTrace Automated Curve Tracing Systems:  

RTI proudly manufactures the world’s finest automated curve tracing hardware and software. These test systems are flagship tools used in FA and reliability labs for IC curve tracing, fault localization, IDDQ and latch up testing.  Our highly mature software accounts for the needs of a wide variety of users by providing features for convenience and powerful analytical tools to make the work efficient.


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