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Automated Solutions

The MultiTrace and MegaTrace product family provides wide a range of solutions from opens and shorts testing on small devices all the way up to Powered curve trace and Latch Up testing on complex multi power supply devices with thousands of pins. 

Why Automated Curve Tracing?

Consider a simple test where hundreds of pins are grounded and each pin on the device is curve traced. The test can be configured and run with every curve trace saved in the system in about 1 minute Using RTI's automated curve tracing equipment. Furthermore, a known good device can be inserted and comparison curves can be acquired and compared to the DUT. This process of testing 2 devices and comparing to identify anomalous or failed pins takes approximately 5 minutes.

Failure Analysis, Reliability Engineering, Product Development Engineering and other product Quality Engineering labs all use curve tracing testing as a non-destructive test to objectively assess if electrical damage has occurred to the circuits (or pins) of a semiconductor IC devices. Little needs to be known about the actual Function of an IC chip, the locations of the power pins and if the other pins are inputs, outputs or I/O pins is often all that is needed for a powered curve trace. Having more data mainly makes it easier to interpret the results and design test conditions. 

As with all electrical test equipment, Test Fixturing or a way to connect the myriad of packages to the tester is an important consideration. At RTI we can take your requirement from your wish list all the way to your lab. From identifying the right tester for your particular needs to designing and manufacturing any and all DUT boards you could ever require to providing “Forever Technical Support” on its test systems RTI will be your partner in test. 

The MultiTrace family software offers several levels of complexity. For most users, MTForms offers the ideal balance between flexibility and ease of use. In most cases, you simply choose the test method and fill in the blanks to define the test conditions the press Run Test. For power users, every and all settings possible are accessible to create a very wide range of tests. For higher volume tasks, we offer several utilities to create predefined tests that operators can run with a minimum of experience. Standard Applications include Unpowered Curve Tracing, Powered Curve Tracing, Supply Current Measurements and Latch Up testing but many more tests are possible when you start to customize your setups. 


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