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Curve Trace Test Models

The Models of the Curve tracer all have very similar capabilities and run the same software. The differences lie mainly in the maximum pin count supported and the types of Fixtures that are used to connect to DUT Boards.

  • MultiTrace Century: This desktop model is named for the pin count. At 100 pins, this convenient pin count fits in one desktop chassis with simple 100 pin cable interface. The Century is optimized for users with low pin count devices but does not compromise on power. The century can perform all the same applications as the larger versions; it just does it more economically in a smaller footprint. The basic system supports 108 pins maximum but depending on the fixture, the effective pincount may be limited to 96 or 100 pins.
  • MultiTrace: This desktop model fits the needs of most users with a wider range of pin counts from 216 to 625 pins and includes the PGA-625 fixture box as standard. Other Fixture Options are also available for maximum flexibility and compatibility with your DUT Boards.
  • MegaTrace: This cart shaped model is designed for high pin count devices and can support 1080, 2160 or even more pins. We can also implement many custom system configurations in this chassis because of the space we have to install hardware options like high current or 8 bus features. The large area for the fixture allows for a range of fixture interfaces to suit your needs.

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