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MTForms in 6bus curve tracer configuration tools
RTI has invested heavily in the Software for the MultiTrace and Megatrace.  The payoff is a mature suite of software that is feature rich with powerful analytical tools like Batch File Comparison and ease of use tools like the MTForms Test Executive or Efficiency tools like the Test Sequencer and QATrace.  There are so many features; the list below is just the major highlights.
  • StdTrace and Switch:  This Classic Software GUI has been the heart of the MultiTrace for 25 Years!  We keep this fresh and compatible with all new OS and continually add features while maintaining a user interface that remains familiar to users over the span of a career.
These two programs provide full access to all features of the hardware and allow for fully custom test setups without ever writing a program or editing “code”.  StdTrace is where you make settings to the SMUs and Switch is where you can configure the Switch matrix.  They work together like dance partners to completely automate IV data collection over a wide range of experimental setups. See more about RTI’s MultiTrace curve tracer test system.
  • MTForms:  This brilliant application simplifies the use of the curve tracer by an order of magnitude.  Fill in the blanks “Forms” are configured with test conditions are designed to make testing the largest most complex parts easy and quick to configure.  Utilities like the test Sequencer and File Viewer round out this interface and make it the one program the operator needs to learn for use.
  • Sequencer:  Part of MTForms but worthy of its own mention is this utility which can be used to automate IV curve tracing with multiple step test plans, autosave of result files and auto comparison to known good devices.  This utility allows tool owners to develop tests and let Interns or novice users collect the data without risk of data loss or missed steps.
  • DataTrace: This new program is the ultimate curve trace analysis tool.  Load your saved curve trace files into this for enhanced printing, image saving, comparison and data extraction features.  DataTrace basic printing and viewing features come with all versions of the MultiTrace Software.  Premium versions including Numerical Data Extraction and Batch File Comparison are also available at extra cost. 
  • Kelvin:  This application is used to enable simplify the collection of 4 wire resistance measurements.  Test input files containing lists of 2 and 4 pins along with test conditions are fed into the program and formatted result files are output which can be statistically compared.  This is an excellent tool for Package development labs and packaging companies that are interested in package or BGA ball reliability.
  • Precondition:  This application allows the use of the switch matrix to emulate a simple functional tester.  For devices where clock speed is not required (sequential, combinational logic, static logic etc) the system can sequence a series of logical “vectors” on the input pins in order to set the device into a particular testable state.  This level of configurability is required to stimulate failure sites or force pins into certain operational states for failure analysis characterization or fault localization purposes.
  • Test and Calibration:  All systems come with software tools for calibrating, maintaining, testing and debugging system failures.  RTI provides close support so users can keep the systems up and running for many years.


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