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Flex Cable Test Socket Assembly

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This custom test socket assembly is designed to test the button press force on a flex cable and is integrated into a larger test fixture. The test socket base is specifically designed to the layout of the device under test and includes custom relief cutouts and clamshell lids.

4 double compression spring pins contact one end of the flex cable and interface with a signal routing PCB located on the bottom side of the socket.

The clamshell lid contacting the button side of the DUT supports force actuation measurements. A load cell and action arm are integrated into the lid. This sensor measures the force applied to the button by a pneumatic plunger coming through the bottom side of the socket. Clamshell lids can close with one latch and provide compression to both ends of the flex cable. Lids may use a hard stop or spring-loaded pressure plate.

Design Features:

  • Custom cutout pocket for the device under test
  • Single latch floating pressure plate clamshell lids provide compression
  • Pneumatic plunger applies variable force to a button on DUT
  • Spring pins contact both DUT and bottom side PCB assembly
  • Supports force actuation measurements
  • Sturdy design for reliable and repeatable results 

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