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Functional Test Presses

RTI's custom benchtop test presses are ideal for stacked board to board (B2B) and functional testing of multi-board systems.  These presses are all inclusive and device specific unlike our standard model test presses which use a fixture base and interchangeable interface module.  Custom test presses can integrate more design features than their standard base counterparts such as connector savers, RF shielding, inclusion of driver electronics, and more.   Custom test presses are often required for more complex applications with higher power, greater pincount, and more test points.
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  • Lids are securely closed using either a mechanical arm on the side or a bar handle based system over the top
  • Lids close in two steps.  First the lid is latched down flush over the DUT.  Second the arm or bar applies contact force and locks the complete lid into place
    • When compression force is made, the complete lid cannot be opened.  This prevents damage to the DUT, pins, and connector savers (where applicable)
  • Pneumatic shocks keep the lid in an open state for ease of use when swapping out the DUT
  • Test Fixtures can incorporate power supplies, measurement and driver hardware, active and passive cooling features, and more
  • Handles included for ease of transportation across benches

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