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Custom LIF Sockets for high Current Power Brick

These custom low insertion force (LIF) test sockets are designed with hyperboloid connector pins that minimize wear on device contact. They provide low contact resistance due to multiple contact points and can handle higher current ratings at each site. These pin block based sockets reliably test multiple variations of power supplies and power converters on their Units Under Test (UUT). Furthermore, these high power test sockets accommodate UUT’s requiring heatsinks, and can withstand multiple current and voltage combinations without damaging the UUT’s pins. Different lids with spring based standoffs accommodate each UUT and heatsink combination which are easily swapped out with 2 screws.

The test sockets sit recessed on a panel cover with PCBs mounted directly below the panel. All LIF sockets are designed with hyperboloid connector pins, and heatsink options for topside and bottom-side contacts. For topside, a separate screw is provided down the middle of the heatsink. For bottom-side, a finned passive heatsink is fitted below the UUT. 
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Design Features:

  • Active and passive thermal management options at topside and bottom-side of UUT
  • Hyperboloid contact pins handle high power applications
  • Easy accommodation of various of UUT and heatsink combinations
  • Minimizes wear on device contacts while withstanding high current and voltage combinations

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