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Custom Pneumatic Test Presses

RTI's custom pneumatic test presses pick up where the standard models leave off.  Custom pneumatic presses include additional design features above and beyond a typical "engage and disengage" model.  These fixtures typically employ custom footprints, inclusion of gaskets for sealed test environments, even multiple cylinders engaging at once to complete a test.  
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Pneumatic Test Fixture Features

  • Designed to work with device specific interface modules which can be swapped out as needed
  • Test panels of MEM's or PCBs before separation using a bed of nails style design
  • Incorporate gaskets in the lid and interface module for a secure seal during pressure testing
  • Incorporate thermal blocks in the lid and interface module for active and passive heating or cooling
  • Adjustable pressure calibration for application force
  • Ease of use for mid/high volume testing
  • Can be integrated into an existing test fixture or custom fixture design

Multi site test presses are available to test frame based arrays of MEM’s devices under controlled pressure and temperature. Arrays can be easily changed over for different modules. The temperature is fluid controlled with range of 5 through 100+Deg C. Pressure ranges can vary from +/- 25% of atmospheric conditions.

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