Push the limits of what you can expect with a custom test socket design. Our custom test sockets and lids are designed and built from the ground up to accomplish what off-the-shelf sockets can’t.


Custom test sockets offer the most flexibility to design, material, interface types, and accessibility to your DUT/UUT. The example below shows a variety of design options that can be applied to most socket orders. Discuss what design options are available for your next project with an RTI engineer today.

Built From Scratch: RTI’s Custom Test Sockets are Designed to Your Device and Environment

We build custom test socket designs for complex UUTs (units under test) and custom DUTs (device under test). Our custom sockets are ideal for applications where socket design and test requirements are not met by standard off-the-shelf solutions. This includes, but is not limited to burn-in, failure analysis, high current, high performance, temperature testing, RF characterization, and more.

We build high-performance and reliable sockets designed for your DUT or UUT and test applications. Custom pogo pins, stamped gold contacts, Silmat(TM), and elastomeric contact sets may be developed for specialized applications. We have various design options from custom footprints to low-profile, contacts on any side of your device to interfaces with auto-handlers, open socket bases to open lids, and more.

Mounting Footprint

  • Designed for compatibility with your existing DUT boards
  • Alignment and mounting features match your DUT board or ATE auto-handler load board
  • Clearances and keep out areas both in the socket body and area surrounding the test socket
  • Compression and through hole mounting available
  • Pitch translation interposers integrated into the socket or lid to meet specific pinouts
  • Custom sized test sockets for use with a forced air thermal head or where physical space is limited

Contact Methods

  • Numerous contact styles available including pogo pin, elastomer, receptacle,  and high-speed connectors
  • Contact all faces of your DUT, including the sides with horizontally loaded pogo pins
  • Multiple pin types can be used in the same test socket
  • High force contacts for lead-free packages
  • High Speed / low inductance for 5G and IoT applications
  • Multi-site test sockets accept multiple packages with the same or different footprints

Test Requirements

  • Temperature control at the device level using built in Ni and Cu heatsinks and heater blocks
  • Physical and optical access to specific areas of your DUT
  • Kelvin contacts, coaxial contacts, and low-inductance contacts for RF characterization & test
  • Topside device access to the backside of a package
  • Very high temperature, high current, and high humidity materials available
  • Low force contacts for fragile devices

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    Bare Die & IC Test Sockets

    For BGA, QFN, WLCSP, PGA, QFP, TSSOP and other packaged device types.  Compatible with a variety of RTI’s socket lids based on your test application.

    PCB Module Test Sockets

    For small PCB sub-assemblies and multi-chip modules. Providing precise DUT alignment with relief cutouts for SMT components and more.

    PGA LGA image sensor socket

    Image Sensor Test Sockets

    For large-scale CMOS image sensors in ceramic packages to small cameras mounted to flex PCB’s.

    Cartridge Carriers & Test Sockets

    For small and fragile wafer-level devices that are prone to handling issues between test platforms.  Multi-site and single-site test socket configurations.

    Flat Top Socket Convertible for use with packaged devices, WLCSP

    FTSC Sockets

    Flat-top socket convertible sockets are a dedicated solution designed for the carrier/coupon boards with the pogo pin array specified to the packaged device.

    Universal Array Test Sockets

    For groups of BGA devices that share a common pitch but different physical dimensions. A device specific alignment plate justifies A1 to upper left corner.


    Robson Technologies, Inc. interconnects, fixtures and systems are carefully designed, manufactured, inspected, and individually tested prior to shipment. In the unlikely case you find a defect in materials or workmanship, we will promptly repair or replace the component.


    Do you need help finding a test solution? Get in touch with an RTI Engineer!



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