All test fixtures are customized to some degree to interface with your UUT, and fully custom test fixtures go a step further. Built from the ground up, custom test fixtures address test challenges that aren’t met by conventional test fixtures.


Satisfying unique UUT test conditions begins with innovative test fixture design. Understanding every operational requirement above and beyond electrical characteristics ensures the fixture provides reliable and repeatable test results. Our team of engineers is ready to develop a test fixture solution as custom as your device. Learn more about our process here.

Built From Scratch: RTI’s Custom Test Fixtures are Designed to Your Device and Environment

Our custom test fixtures vary greatly in design and sizes to fulfill your test applications and suit your devices or packages. We integrate features to ensure a complete test solution that performs your tests the way you need it done. We engineer your fixture to suit nearly any requirements with the capability for future scalability. We also consider any potential alterations in our designs.

Our design capabilities range from simple to complex fixtures which can vary in sizes to fulfill your applications and devices. We specialize in integration and can design your new fixture into your existing test systems and processes.

Custom Integration

From small, simple components to more complex 3rd party components, custom integration is our specialty.

  • Power supplies
  • Temperature controllers
  • Device programmers
  • Fiber to copper convertors

Custom Routing

We provide custom routing via PCBs, giving sleeker and more compact test fixtures compared to fixture kits requiring manual hand-wiring.

  • Controlled impedence
  • Compact design
  • No hand-wiring
  • No manual assembly

Custom Connector Savers

Constant mating and unmating of connectors cause significant wear and put physical stress on each component, reducing reliability over time. Extend the life of your test fixture and protect your connectors with RTI’s pogo pin block connector savers.

  • Mate with common Mictor, Samtec, FCI, and other connectors
  • Cheaper and easier to replace a degrading connector saver than replace mating connectors or re-spin new PCBs

Coatings and RF Shielding

Benchtop test fixtures can be isolated in a variety of ways to prevent interference with the units under test.

  • Alodyne coatings
  • Farraday shielded fans
  • RF gasketing for sealed environments
  • Precision drilled holes to allow external wiring
  • Enclosures incorporated into areas of a fixture or stand alone

Custom Motion and Mounting of Devices

We design fixtures tailored to your device – including unconventional connections and custom movement of the device during test.

  • Lateral connections
  • Edge-to-edge connectors

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    PCB Test Fixtures

    High-performance at a compact scale, our PCB test fixtures are built for singular and panelized PCB testing. Fixtures align and contact test points on your UUT(s) then route signals out to connectors of your choice.

    Mechanical Test Press Fixtures

    Manual or pneumatic presses for PCB, hybrid module, and device-level testing. Single-site or multi-site configurations offer rapid device loading and unloading. Test Presses ensure evenly distributed vertical compression force is applied to the UUT.


    When a more customized test solution is required to meet your applications, device(s) and requirements. For PCB-based subassemblies and complex components.

    950 Series Test Fixture

    950 Series is capable of testing topside and backside, including micro-probing, backside emission microscopy, heated sockets for temperature testing, and curve tracing.

    Remote Docking

    Cable based interfaces that sit between your tester and your DUT board allowing you greater flexibility in where your DUT sits on your bench. Ideal for failure analysis, fault localization, or for use under a microscope.

    custom pogo pin blocks

    Pogo Pin Blocks

    Breakout test fixtures typically include a test socket and DUT board that route signals from your DUT to a connector or interface of choice. Transform your dedicated DUT board into a universal motherboard-daughterboard solution with pogo pin blocks that provide a board to board interface.


    Robson Technologies, Inc. interconnects, fixtures and systems are carefully designed, manufactured, inspected, and individually tested prior to shipment. In the unlikely case you find a defect in materials or workmanship, we will promptly repair or replace the component.


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