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Dead Bug Module Test Fixture

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This custom test fixture combines a test socket, interposer lid, breakout board, and device carrier in a clam shell lid for a wireless medical module device.  The device is loaded into the socket “dead bug” style with test points on the top.  Signals are then routed through an interposer board in the lid and relayed back down through the socket base to a breakout board.  12 header pins allow for electrical measurement of the module as it wirelessly interfaces with a host monitoring tool sitting in a carrier slot just above the DUT.  The monitoring tool is responsible for charging, programming, and measuring the performance of the DUT during test.


  • Custom test socket base and lid for “dead-bug” loading of DUT module
  • Carrier with clamshell lid holds a monitoring device in range of the DUT
  • Signals from DUT are routed through an interposer board in the lid
  • Header pin bank corresponds to each signal on the DUT
  • Small form factor saves space on the test bench 

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