device programming test fixtures

RTI manufactures programming test fixtures to program and verify packaged devices such as digital RF processors. These fixture provides convenient insertion and removal of devices by the test operator and supports insertion/removal cycle throughput of at least 100 devices per day, with a minimum lifetime throughput of 50,000 devices.

Programming test fixtures are comprised of a custom socket assembly and adapter board. The socket assembly provides mechanical elements securing the DUT precisely in place over an array of compressible contacts, using a hinged adjustable clip-on lid to provide compression. The adapter board routes selected pins on the DUT to the external programming hardware.

Additional custom integrations can include thermal management in socket body or lid, power terminal blocks on topside/backside of PCB, capacitors and other discrete components as part of the PCB design, and the ability to mount PCB to a baseboard for benchtop use and cable management.

Programming Test Fixtures Design:

  • Pitch >0.2mm
  • Device pin count >1,500 pins
  • Socket base: 1.5″ to 2.75″
  • Operating temperature: -45°C ~ +200°C
  • Compatible with JTAG programmer systems
  • Floating socket base
  • Backing/stiffener plate