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Custom Lateral Burn-in Socket

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RTI offers highly customized test sockets designed for embedded module devices that have contacts on the edges of the DUT.  Signals are routed through pogo pins and a ridged-flex PCB to your connector of choice.  The actuation method is two levers, one on each side, which laterally compresses the pogo pins to the points of contact on the DUT in a single motion, making these low profile custom test sockets ergonomically easy to use.

A copper or nickel plated heatsink mounts between the PCB and the underside of the socket which reduces mass and height while ensuring even and positive contact with the module. This can also be used for active heating or passive cooling during engineering and/or burn-in test.‚Äč

Design Features:

  • Lateral contact engages the DUT from the sides rather than the traditional top or bottom contact.
  • Low profile design with spring levers to compress pins into contact with the DUT.
  • Heatsink can be used for active heating or passive cooling.
  • Shown product image dimensions: 16.5mmx32.3mmx6.0mm
    • Additional footprints available: custom tailored to meet your needs.
  • Pitches from 0.6mm to 1.0mm
  • Temperatures from -55c to +155c
  • Small footprint to maximize sockets per board
  • ESD Material, Nickel plated heatsink and cables

Test Applications

Burn-in, HAST, Engineering, Programming, FA, Production Test, and more!

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