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RTI possesses a wide range of capabilities in Engineering Design and Manufacturing. 

Engineering Design Capabilities

  • Mechanical Designers:  We employ a team of Mechanical Engineers to develop the solutions and manufacturing plans for all our projects.  A diverse range of talents and over 150 years of combined experience make for a strong asset to RTI’s capabilities.
  • Electrical Designers:  We also support a team of Electrical Engineers, Technicians, and Designers to develop precise hardware solutions for our customers in addition to supporting the MultiTrace automated curve tracer product family.
  • Software Developers:  RTI has a small team of software contractors working on the MultiTrace software year round.  We can also acquire external resources to complete portions of projects for our customers based on their immediate needs.

Manufacturing In-House Capabilities

  • Machine Shop:  We have 10 CNC machines in service 15+ hours per day with plans to install more
    • Haas
    • Datron
    • Robodrill
  • Assembly:  We support multiple Assembly areas dedicated to constructing test sockets, assembling PCBs, building test presses, and manufacturing/servicing the MultiTrace and MegaTrace curve trace systems.
  • Laser Engraving: We use an Epilogue Helix laser engraver to set markings on many of our parts, in addition, to cut or mark various custom test fixture projects.
  • QA Inspection department: We have a dedicated area for inspecting our machined components.  All finished assemblies undergo a range of quality inspections in optical and electrical measurements.  For example, if a functional sample device is provided, we can do a test fit and preliminary electrical measurement.
Our design tools include both 3D mechanical modeling using Solid Edge as well as schematic generation and PCB layout using PADS. Combined with our in-house machine shop using CAM350 and additional tools, RTI is able to design and produce unique, high quality, and reliable custom test solutions tailored to your specific environmental, electrical, and mechanical demands.

We have developed several 'semi-custom' test fixtures that can be adapted to different applications. See examples of our 750 Series Fixtures, RF Module and Small PCB Fixtures, and our Large PCB test fixture requiring contact on both top and bottom of the board.

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