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DUT boards for MegaTrace

Considering the Fixtures available for the MegaTrace you can see that a wide range of devices and DUT board compatibilities can be achieved. Some of DUT boards that can be used with this system include but are not limited to these examples:

MegaTrace Fixtures Available:

OctoPogo Fixture:  This Fixture is the RTI gold standard for Curve Trace Interfaces.  Its Features Include:

  • Compatible with systems up to 1152 pins
  • A Pogo block based test fixture  
  • DUT Boards or OctoPogo boards are clamped on top using 4 screws
  • Remote extension cable is available
  • Test point matrix for making external connections to the pins
  • Interface to ribbon cable based DUT boards by plugging cables onto the test points

Elastomer Interface:  This Fixture is the Original MegaTrace fixture designed by UTI.  Its features include:

  • Compatible with systems up to 2160 pins, 
  • Fixture is based on Elastomeric Strip connectors.  
  • This flexible connector system is compressed between the DUT board and Fixture PCB creating an electrical connection that is durable, reliable and low cost as compared to spring pins.  
  • The Large format DUT boards can support a very wide range of fixture requirements including multiple sockets or circuitry.

Yamaichi Connector Interface: Supporting pin counts from 648 to 2160 this interface can be either built into the system as the native interface or more commonly, built onto the Elastomer’s large format DUT board and used with that interface.
Custom Compatibility fixtures: RTI is a manufacturer of all kinds of test fixture hardware.  We can create a custom interface to connect to any fixture standard you require.  This “Compatibility” fixture can be connected directly to the MultiTrace and serve as the primary fixture or it may be stacked on top of the PGA-625 socket like a DUT board or even wired in parallel with a standard fixture if appropriate.  Examples are Pogo blocks, IDC cables, and PGA footprints with specific footprint rules.

For OctoPogo Fixture:  

  • Features
  • OctoPogo Daughter Cards (ODC) can have a socket for any device that RTI can build or obtain a socket for.  Standard ODC cards are limited to 2.25 inch sockets maximum which in turn limits package body size to 29mm.  
  • For larger packages we have an extended Octopogo Series that can hold any size socket required
  • An octopogo card with the PGA-625 ZIF socket is also available.  Wired so as to be 100% compatible with pinmaps from a MultiTrace standard PGA fixture, this option makes migrating to higher pin counts easier by allowing you to reuse all your old adapters while also taking advantage of native Octopogo high pin count designs
  • Octopogo cards generally feature thru hole vias adjacent to the interface pads which allow use on the bench without the pogo block
  • Benchtop “Breakout box” adapters are available to allow use without the MegaTrace
  • Remote Extension Cable is available to allow connection of these DUT boards inside a Emission Microscopy System (EMMI)
  • Compatible with Any RTI Socket
  • Examples
    • Universal 0.4mm pitch 32x32
    • WLCSP fixture with window lid
    • 2808 pin reducing board
    • PGA-625 adapter

For Elastomer Interface: 

  • Features
  • Very high pin count interface for the largest packages or multisite test fixtures.
  • Large Format 14”x16” board can fit any DUT socket requirement
  • Possible to have more than one socket wired in parallel for a universal DUT board solution
  • Space for power plane breakout connections via banana jacks
  • Compatible with Any RTI Socket
  • Examples
    • Altera DUT Boards

For Yamaichi Connector Interface:  

  • Features
  • RTI has two versions of this fixture compatible with the elastomer fixture interface, 
  • Examples
    • one supports 7 (648 pins) cables 
    • one supports 23 cables (2160 pins)

Custom Compatibility fixtures: 

  • Examples
    • Interfaces to IDC cable DUT Boards
    • Octopogo to PGA-625

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