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DUT boards for MultiTrace

The MultiTrace has been in production since 1987 and has a substantial number of DUT board designs supporting it. Some of DUT boards that can be used with this system include but are not limited to these examples:   

Classic MultiTrace Fixtures Available:

Standard PGA-625 Fixture Box:  This fixture has been the standard for nearly 25 years.  Its basic Features include: 

  • PGA ZIF socket with 25x25 array for a maximum of 625 pins  
  • 1:1 Make-Break jumper area where you can make external connections to the pins under test or isolate them from the test system.
  • Banana jack breakout connections to all drives, busses and measurement points within the system
  • Lower pin count systems depopulate socket in predictable ways, RTI and 3rd party suppliers support a wide range of DUT boards for this fixture.
  • Remote extension cable available for this interface

Verifier MK2 compatible fixture box:  For reliability engineers who also support ESD testing, this option offers the convenience of only needing one DUT board for both testers therefore lowering your cost of fixturing substantially.  Verifier 256 or 512 pin DUT boards are compatible.  256 pin DUT boards may have the inner or outer group of connectors populated.

Custom Compatibility fixtures: RTI is a manufacturer of all kinds of test fixture hardware.  We can create a custom interface to connect to any fixture standard you require.  This “Compatibility” fixture can be connected directly to the MultiTrace and serve as the primary fixture or it may be stacked on top of the PGA-625 socket like a DUT board or even wired in parallel with a standard fixture if appropriate.  Examples are Pogo blocks, IDC cables, and PGA footprints with specific footprint rules.

For Standard PGA-625 Fixture Box:  

MultiTrace PGA “Side By Side” adapters:  
Features: This style of DUT board has the socket and PGA array adjacent to each other.  This format can be used with any socket and is often used for BGA DUT Boards.  When ordering a BGA DUT board several design options are available

Programming Adapters
Features: So names because they can also be used in programmable Device programmers.  This style of DUT board generally has a DIP-48 footprint.  Pins may be numbered same as the DUT or scrambled

Custom Compatibility fixtures

For Verifier MK2 compatible fixture box:  

Features:  Compatible with Verifier style ESD DUT Boards using the 256 pin or 512 pin formats.  256 pin compatible DUT boards can make use of the inner or outer ring of connectors on these boards

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