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MultiTrace Century Fixtures Available:

The MultiTrace Century  is provided with one of two simplified cable only fixture systems.  Some of DUT boards that can be used with this system include but are not limited to these examples: 

MultiTrace Century Fixtures Available:

The MultiTrace Century is provides with one of two simplified cable only fixture systems.  

Yamaichi Cable System: A small PCB is plugged onto the back of the test system and all pins are aggregated into a 100 pin connector made by Yamaichi (NDS type).  RTI supports this interface with a variety of DUT boards directly compatible with this connector.  The RTI manual switch box also shares this cable interface system

Native Cables:  In the simplest form, no fixture is used and the native 60 pin ribbon cables (54 pins active) can be connected directly to the DUT boards.  Different size connectors can be crimped to the ribbon cable making it compatible with simple DUT boards that use IDC ribbon cable interface as long as the pin count is lower than 54.

For RTI’s 950 series Yamaichi Cable System: 

  • 96 and 100 pin compatibility 
  • Compatible with RTI R1 type of DUT Boards
  • Compatible with RTI 950 Series spring pin Fixture 
    • Compatible with Standard Mini Cards
    • Compatible with Extended Mini Cards
  • MultiTrace PGA compatible DUT board (108 pins)
  • PGA Custom footprint adapter
  • Dual DIP-48 Fixture
  • R1 board with universal WLCSP socket

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