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Manual Switch Boxes, Fixtures & DUT Boards

RTI offers a low-cost manually operated switch box useful for Curve Tracing and a variety of electrical bench testing applications. The switch box features 3 position toggle switches capable of switching the pin connection between tester connections V+ and V- or a banana jack.

RTI DUT boards interface to the box using a single cable supporting all 96 pins. Alternatively, IDC cable connection is available. For high pin count devices, multiple boxes can be used in series and with RTI Overlay panels, the pin numbers can be updated on the box surface to exactly match the pin number or BGA name of the device simplifying the operator’s interaction.

RTI provides a wide range of compatible DUT boards and support for various applications

  • Supports 96 pins per box,
  • Multiple boxes may be used together for higher pin count devices
  • Banana jacks provide direct connection to each pin for additional flexibility
  • Connect external power supplies, instrumentation, signals and more
  • Excellent method for unpowered Curve Tracing
  • Configurable for powered curve trace, IDDQ measurements and more
  • Optional Binding post version available
  • Custom Laser Engraved Overlay panels allow customization of the switch numbers and names
  • PGA Custom footprint adapter
  • Dual DIP-48 Fixture
  • R1 boards with WLCSP device
  • R1 board with universal Socket
A/B Relay
  • Optional Accessory for rapidly switching between 2 DUT boards
  • Useful with old style Curve Tracers with analog CRT display
  • Requires 2 Identical DUT board setups,
    • results from 2 devices are alternately sent to the test system
  • Requires 5V, 2A power supply for operation
  • Contains 96 two-pole relays and master switch
  • Interfaces to RTI 96 pin cables and switch box
  • Unpowered Curve Tracing with respect to ground on any pin(s)
  • Powered curve tracing when used with bench power supplies
    • Custom DUT board may be required for more than one VDD
  • Custom Analog measurements of mixed-signal devices
  • Convenient for fixturing devices under microscope for Optical Fault localization type testing (EMMI, Liquid Crystal, Laser scanning, etc.)
  • Use either RTI cable or low-cost IDC cable sets, cables available in a range of length
  • Binding post option allows connection of bare wire
  • Laser Engraved Overlay panels to customize switch number or name
  • Wide range of RTI fixture compatibility
Upgrade to Automation
  • Most DUT boards are also compatible with the RTI MultiTrace system when used with appropriate cable sets.
  • Add more boxes as your devices grow, purchase only what you need now
  • Compatible with RTI Universal BGA and CSP sockets make for a flexible fixture system
  • RTI Engineering and application support to ensure you get the most out of your Investment

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