RTI designs custom high pin count test sockets for failure analysis and power testing of AI, telecommunications, datacom devices, multimedia processors, and other CPU intensive end-use applications.

High pin count test sockets are a dedicated solution featuring precision manufacturing and precise ball alignment to maintain test point accuracy.

closeup of custom milling

Closeup of custom milled relief cutouts for SMT components on the DUT

What is unusual about this BGA socket is the non-floating base. Typical high pin count BGA sockets use a floating base due to the contact force applied to plastic material. This socket features a 3-piece design in stainless steel to withstand the contact force in a non-floating base. Learn more about floating and non-floating bases here.

High Pin Count Socket Design:

  • Socket base: 3″x3″ (76.2mmx76.2mm)
  • BGA/LGA packages with >0.5mm pitch
  • Device pin counts >3,700 pins
  • Mounting features reduce socket/DUT flexing
  • Operational temperature exceeding -45°C ~ +140°C

Custom Features:

  • Custom milling for backside components on device
  • Shallow DUT pocket depth (1.54mm)
  • Non-floating socket base
  • Backing/stiffener plate
  • Suitable for air/water cooled systems