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Test Sockets

Robson Technologies is a leading manufacturer of IC test sockets for Failure Analysis, Burn-In Test, Engineering Test, and Production Test. Most of these test sockets are compression mount and can be designed to fit your existing PCB footprint.

RTI’s portfolio of test socket solutions are set up in categories by type: standard, custom, design, application, and package type. See below to better understand the depth and breadth of RTI's products and test solutions.

RTI Standard Test Sockets

RTI has a wide range of standard size test sockets where cost and NRE are optimized to provide you with the best value.  Explore RTI Standard Test Sockets to learn more. You can download files to see some sample drawings of these sockets.

Test Sockets by Socket Design

RTI custom test sockets have several design types in addition to our standard footprints. Explore by socket design to learn more about RTI's design options.

Pogo Block Solutions

Pogo blocks are used in a variety of board to board connection applications. See examples of how RTI Pogo Blocks can be used to solve interconnect challenges and more.

Test Sockets by DUT Type

Different packages have different needs, and some packages are small PCB modules. Explore by DUT Package Type to learn more about the type of sockets are useful for each package type.

Test Sockets by Application

RTI custom sockets are used for a variety of applications. Explore by Application to see how they are used in key application areas.

Interested in a unique test socket? Check out RTI's Custom Test Sockets

Some test sockets are unusual, not falling within a conventional category. RTI offers custom test sockets containing multitudes of options and unique test solutions.


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