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Industries & Applications Served

Robson Technologies, Inc. (RTI) supplies curve tracers, test sockets, and other innovative products for customers in a variety of industries and applications, including electronics manufacturing and other advanced markets.

Test Sockets, Test Fixtures & More for Demanding Applications

In today’s world, a large percentage of the things we use every day contain electronic devices, modules, and assemblies. RTI’s fixtures and interconnect products are used to connect to these devices, at all scales of manufacturing, so that the companies that manufacture them can test them effectively. From sockets for the smallest chip scale packages (CSP) to bed of nails test fixtures for automotive assemblies, RTI is more than capable of meeting your needs. 

RTI systems and curve tracer products fill the needs of semiconductor manufacturers (OCM), IC designers (fabless), users of IC devices, and OEM component distributors, as well as laboratories that serve these industry sectors.

Advanced Solutions, from Test Sockets to Failure Analysis

RTI products are used in a wide range of electronics testing and manufacturing applications by a variety of engineering disciplines. Our semi-custom and full custom design and manufacturing capabilities enable us to closely match the design to the application. This, in turn, allows you to optimize the performance of your products to get the best test result.

For some people, long-term contact reliability is a top priority; for others making high frequency or high bandwidth measurements is the goal; for others, the cost is the driving factor. RTI can help you make choices among design options and come to a solution that best matches your application.



Effective Test Solutions for A Broad Range of Applications

Some of the application areas that RTI supplies test solutions for include:

  • Failure analysis electrical characterization
  • Failure analysis fault localization
  • Package level reliability
  • Burn-in/HAST and other high temp testing
  • RF product and other high frequency applications
  • Medium and full production PC boards and electronic modules
  • Final Test IC, module and PCB level
  • AC or DC characterization of IC devices
  • Latch-up characterization of qualification testing

Some of the engineering disciplines we serve include:

  • Failure analysis engineers
  • Design engineers
  • Characterization engineers
  • Reliability engineers
  • Manufacturing engineers
  • Product engineers


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