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Robson Technologies, Inc. (RTI) supplies products for a variety of engineering applications and other advanced pursuits. We provide curve tracing systems, test sockets, and more for some of the world’s most demanding industries.

Some of the applications we provide solutions for include:

Burn-In/HAST Testing

RTI provides test fixtures and more for Highly Accelerated Stress Testing (HAST) and THB (temperature/humidity/bias, a.k.a. “burn-in”) testing in semiconductor manufacturing, automotive manufacturing, and other industries.

Counterfeit Detection

Our MultiTrace test fixtures are effective, reliable solutions for counterfeit detection applications. MultiTrace test fixtures are trusted by everyone from OEMs to law enforcement to analytical laboratories.

Device Programming

We have test sockets and test fixtures for all your device programming requirements, including DRAM, SRAM, DIP/SIP, QFN/TQFP, and other devices.

Failure Analysis Testing

Robson Technologies offers a full line of test solutions for failure analysis applications. From our MultiTrace and MegaTrace test sockets to DUT boards with FA features and automatic curve tracing systems, we’ve got what you need.

Final Test

We provide a variety of test solutions for semiconductor and IC (integrated circuit) testing. We offer test sockets for wafer testing, test fixtures for final testing, and other innovative products.

Latch-Up Testing

RTI’s MultiTrace systems are ideal for latch-up tests in qualification testing. We also provide DUT boards and load boards, standard and custom test sockets, and much more.

Medium & Full Production

Because time is money in this industry, we offer a range of test fixtures, test sockets, and other solutions that will help reduce testing time for medium and full production of semiconductors, including wafer-level testing and package-level testing.


RTI provides test sockets to accommodate all types of RF devices, including unique requirements for castellated contacts, high frequency pins, nonmetal/minimal-metal socket body and lid designs, and more.

Test Characterization

Our test hardware will help you save time and money on your test characterization application, while improving the quality of your final simulation to ensure optimum product performance.

Qualification Testing

To ensure that your qualification testing processes deliver reliable results, we provide a range of test fixtures and test sockets. We offer high performance solutions for testing ESD load boards, extreme high or low temp devices, reliability testing, and other specialty products.



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