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Test Fixtures for Commercial & Consumer Electronics

Robson Technologies, Inc. (RTI) specializes in custom, unique solutions. That includes test fixtures for consumer and commercial electronics and related goods and accessories.

Just what type of electronics are we talking about?  Everything from the latest electronic gizmos like HD headphones and drones, to Bluetooth wireless systems, to your simple office printer. We design highly configurable test hardware and versatile test fixtures for everything under the sun in the commercial and consumer electronics market. 

Custom Test Fixtures for Your Electronic Devices

Whether it’s tested in a full assembly, under functional test, or broken down and stripped for testing at the component level, virtually everything that RTI’s products touch becomes an integrated piece of another OEM’s or IDM’s product line.

From 2mm-square devices to multi-chip silicon-on-silicon hybrids and everything in between, RTI will take the time to fully understand what you’re trying to accomplish and, through innovative design and constant communication, provide a cost effective test fixture solution.

The Test Fixture Experts

Here at RTI, there are five things we have become accustomed to in our field of work:
  1. Don’t rely on “real world” testing. Prove it yourself. Build it.
  2. Simulate it. Simulation is a controllable, repeatable, and reliable method of assessing whether a device is functioning to specification. 
  3. Decide what you need to test and what you don’t. Some manufacturers try to replicate complex performance tests on the production line that were used during the device’s R&D and design phases. Let RTI be that asset for you.
  4. Use the best equipment for the job. 
  5. Integrate, then synchronize.

Custom Test Fixture Specifications

 Though every custom test fixture we create is different, most use the same basic framework as the starting point. General specifications include:
  • Fixture size: 18” x 11” x 4”
  • Maximum UUT (your DUT) size: 11.75” x 7.5”
  • Vertical travel: 0.5” minimum
  • Frame material: anodized aluminum
  • Personalized test module material: Ultem

Custom Test Fixture Options

RTI offers a series of options for text fixtures, including:
  • Fine pitch test probes (0.3mm pitch)
  • Coaxial probes for RF
  • Direct probe to plate access
  • Multiple UUT capability
  • Open top lid for FA probing
  • Double-sided test points
  • “Floating” alignment blocks available

Common Component & Hybrid Module/Application Testing Subsets

  • Typical testing setup applications with I/C devices being used in commercial electronics
  • Kelvin testing (force and sensing)
  • Strip testing for reduced cost of test per cell
  • Multi-site sockets for high volume test applications
  • Liquid crystal analysis
  • ESD testing (cingulated)
  • Micro probing down to 300ɥm in pitch
  • Photo emission for FA lab testing
  • Engineering and production test modulations

Common Devices Under Test

  • Optical sensors
  • MEM packages (gyro, atmospheric, pressure, switching)
  • DRAM and MRAM, flash memories, storage
  • Custom RF modules
  • Power modules
  • CCD packages
  • Hybrid circuits, stacked PCBA modules
  • Custom LSI packages
  • Camera modules requiring lens simulation and modeling

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