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The first semiconductor device developed in the North California, was by Shockley Semiconductor Laboratory in 1956.  Semiconductor technologies and studies have since bloom in the area, hence the name of “Silicon Valley”.  A typical transistor at that time is about a size of a large paper clip (if not bigger) with a pitch of several millimeters.  As Semiconductor technologies advances over time, today’s semiconductor manufacturers are building smaller and smaller devices with higher performances for applications across varies industries.  The use of semiconductor devices is everywhere.  Almost any product that is electric related is sure to have some sort of semiconductor integrated circuits in it.  As the smaller package sizes allow us to develop lighter and more portable devices; one of the challenges came with the shrink down sizes is the difficulty in physical device testing.

RTI have been providing high quality custom turn-key testing solutions to semiconductor high-tech industry around the world in various applications since 1989. We specialize in customization of test sockets and test fixtures for device testing, PCB testing and module testing. We have extensive experiences developing solutions for 0.30mm pitch and above. Currently we have over 22+ global representatives helping to service our customers on different continents. Our manufacturing shop in Morgan Hill, California, is equipped with 10+ quality high-speed machines, dozens of experienced skillful machinists and assemblers. 
In recent years, RTI also started helping our customers to develop and launch NPI (New Product Introduction) locally in the Silicon Valley and across the states.  We take pride in our work knowing that what we do matters; and we understand the importance of delivering quality products to support smoother development and test cycles for our customers.  

Every RTI project is carefully evaluated and quoted by an experienced application engineer, then processed by an in-house design expert, while the whole project is supervised and monitored (from the beginning to the end) by another senior project manager with 15+ years of industrial hands-on experiences.  We believe in making it right the first time.  We also invested heavily in equipment and software tools that help to document, monitor and improve our designs, manufacturing and quality assurances.   

RTI offer a wide ranges of products and services covering most of Semiconductor testing needs, including (but not limited to) the following:
Another product line we have in house, specifically geared toward the Semiconductor industry, is a family of Curve Tracer System. These systems are designed for Failure Analysis, Engineering Reliability Test and Counterfeit Detection. Learn more here.

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