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Telecommunication refers to the technologies that enable a person to interact with others without physical presence at the same place.  It is usually done through medium of one or more electronic devices such as phones, tablets, computers, etc.  Telecommunication technologies often use channels to transmit information (electrical signals) over a physical medium (such as signal cables) or electromagnetic waves in high speed or high frequency; therefore it is extremely important to maintain its signal integrity, as the surrounding noises and electro-magnetic interferences can cause serious damage in the quality of signals transmitted. 

RTI have over 25 years of experiences in building high speed and high frequency test solutions for industrial leaders.  As the physical devices getting smaller and smaller in sizes, and higher and higher in electric characteristics (e.g., higher power consumption, higher current rating and higher frequencies.); it takes more than just understanding the theories behind the physics to come up with a good testing solution.  Industrial experiences and manufacturing know-hows are just as critical.

RTI offers high quality customized test solutions with our extensive industrial know-how and hands-on experiences no one else can.  Here is a list of some communication technologies that RTI has experiences building and provide to our valuable customers in the Telecommunication industry:
  • Communication Satellites
  • Fiber Optics
  • Microwave Transmission
  • Internet – LANs, WANs, VoIP
  • Telegraph
  • Telephone – GSM or W-CDMA 
  • Teleprinter
  • Wireless – Radio, Bluetooth
RTI has extensive experiences in developing high-quality and reliable testing sockets and testing fixtures in various applications.  We are available to help with your high speed and high frequency testing needs at

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