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Interface Module, Bed of Nails for 752 press 2 sided board

RTI's standard test press fixture bases are designed to work with DUT specific interface modules.  The DUT interface module is responsible for mounting and aligning your device(s) under test to the test probes in addition to routing the signals out to your connector(s) of choice.  Interface modules can be quickly loaded and unloaded from the universal test press fixture base.
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  • Floating trays allow for alignment of the DUT to each test point before the lid is closed and compression is made.  This prevents damage to the DUT and the contact sets during loading and unloading.  The floating trays can also include cut outs for DUT modules with additional SMT components.
  • Single site and multiple site interface modules are available depending on the size of the DUT
  • Interface modules can test panels of PCBs and PCB modules simultaneously to increase throughput and improve units per hour
  • A variety of ATE style probes and coaxial connectors are available
  • Interface modules include standard or high performance PCB's to route signals to a terminal or connector of choice

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