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Matched Footprint Sockets

RTI’s custom matched footprint test sockets are a great solution for recycling existing DUT boards for use in new test environments.  For example, the existing DUT board may have a clamshell style socket with a thick lid preventing access to the device under test in a failure analysis lab.  By removing the existing socket and mounting a custom RTI low profile matched footprint test socket you can save time and money on board layout and fab.
  • Custom RTI sockets mounted to your existing DUT board
  • Your existing PCB requires mounting and alignment holes
  • Designed for compression mount test sockets only, not through-hole 
  • RTI sockets with cutouts for clearance of existing on board components
  • Not all lid designs available for custom matched footprint test sockets
  • Package/DUT size in relation to mounting features required for feasibility
Before designing a matched footprint test socket, RTI requires additional details about the board itself at the testing to be performed.  This includes but is not limited to:
  • Board layout drawings in .dxf or CAD format (top layer only is fine)
  • Package outline drawing of the device under test
  • Maximum socket size requirements
  • Physical PCB sample (non-functional is fine)
  • Physical DUT sample (non-functional is fine)
  • Electrical/Mechanical requirements of the test to be performed

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